Hype Dance Studio

60 Upper Allen St, Sheffield, S3 7GL

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All of our Salsa courses are 8 weeks.

All classes are 1 hour.

Course Start Dates

In progress

Thursday 9th May

If you decide to join this course we recommended no later than the 3rd week.
Next Course

Thursday 4th July

We recommend this cycle if you are joining after the 3rd week of the current cycle

Salsa levels at this venue

LEVEL 1 BEGINNER: 8:05 pm|Teacher: Giselle
LEVEL 2 IMPROVER: 7:30 pm|Teacher: Ernesto
LEVEL 3 INTERMEDIATE: 8:40 pm|Teacher: Ernesto

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About Hype Dance Studio

Hype Dance Studio is a unique dance studio in the heart of Sheffield, slap bang in the heart of the City Centre in Sheffield. Which makes for a great City Centre venue. It has a great wooden floor, and just a great feel in this very welcoming place in the city.

Cuban salsa classes will definitely be a home here in this very unique, one of a kind venue. There is free off street parking, or general city centre parking. To enter the studio you need to ring the buzzer and the teacher will let you in, be mindful they may not respond straight away.

This great Thursday night venue will host our new Cuban Salsa Classes in Sheffield.  The studios are based just inside the ring road near Kelham Island. Shalesmoor/ Netherhthorpe are just a 5 minute walk away with West St just a 10 minute walk away

Classes can be purchased, pay as you go, or in 4 & 8 lesson loyalty saving cards. These loyalty saving cards can be used for any level, at any venue, they don’t have to be used consecutively or in-line with our 8 week teaching program. You miss a class you don’t miss a lesson. They are great value.

When booking your class/classes the main booking date appearing will be the first initial date (start date) of the 8wk block, however you can book your exact date of attendance within that 8wk block, further on into the booking form. We advise if you are a beginner, not to join any later than the 3rd week of an 8wk block due to the progressive nature of the 8wk courses.

All venues accept cash or card. Want to be apart of the WhatsApp group at your chosen venue? then don’t hesitate to ask the teachers at the venue to add you.

Happy Salsa Dancing.


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60 Upper Allen St, Sheffield, S3 7GL