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Social Parties 2023

Havana Salsa host some of the biggest Salsa and Latin dance party’s at hand picked venues and locations in nearly all locations throughout the UK to make your night as enjoyable as possible.

For beginners there’s a chance to learn and practice all you have learned. Experienced dancers will enjoy the latest latin tunes direct from Cuba, a great turn out, and an unforgettable night full of genuine Cuban spirit. Everyone is talking about Havana Salsa and the dance phenomenon that has swept the UK.

Save these dates in your diary for a great night of Latin ambience: Havana Salsa Fiesta Cubana Caliente!!


Bearwood Corks Club
2023/2024 Dates
  • Sat 9th December
  • Sat 13th January
  • Sat 10th February
  • Sat 9th March
  • Sat 13th April
  • Sat 11th May
  • Sat 8th June
  • Sat 13th July
  • Sat 10th August
  • Sat 14th September
  • Sat 12th October
  • Sat 9th November
  • Sat 14th December 


Loyal Caledonian Corks Club
2023 Dates
  • Sat 28th January
  • Sat 25th February
  • Sat 22nd April
  • Sat 27th May
  • Sat 24th June
  • Sat 29th July
  • Sat 30th September
  • Sat 25th November


Massey Ferguson
2023/2024 Dates
  • Fri 1st December
  • Fri 5th January
  • Fri 2nd February
  • Fri 1st March
  • Fri 5th April
  • Fri 3rd May
  • Fri 7th June
  • Fri 5th July
  • Fri 2nd August
  • Fri 6th  September
  • Fri 4th October
  • Fri 1st November
  • Fri 1st December


Abbey Sports
2023/ 2024 Dates
  • Fri 15th December
  • Fri 19th January
  • Fri 16th February
  • Fri 15th March
  • Fri 19th April
  • Fri 17th May
  • Fri 21st June
  • Fri 19th July
  • Fri 16th August
  • Fri 20th September
  • Fri 18th October
  • Fri 15th November
  • Fri 20th December

Milton Keynes

Venue TBA
2023 Dates
  • Coming Soon


Fat Cat
2023/ 2024 Dates
  • Fri 24th November
  • Fri 22nd December
  • Fri 26th January
  • Fri 23rd February
  • Fri 22nd March
  • Fri 26th April
  • Fri 24th May
  • Fri 28th June
  • Fri 26th July
  • Fri 23rd August
  • Fri 27th September
  • Fri 25th October
  • Fri 22nd November
  • Fri 27th December


Co-op Club
2023 Dates


Moorview Golf Centre
2023 Dates
  • Sat 21st January
  • Sat 18th February
  • Sat 18th March
  • Sat 22nd April
  • Sat 20th May
  • Sat 17th June
  • Sat 16th September
  • Sat 21st October
  • Sat 18th November