Salsa Levels

Level 1: Beginner

You're a star!
A gentle but energetic introduction to the basic steps, turns, footwork and rhythm.

A fun and gentle introduction to learning Cuban salsa, taught with patience and encouragement. You will learn timing and basic steps with some turns to prepare you for level 2 where the fun really begins!

Level 2: Improver

Rising star!
Now you're up and running, you can apply your new skills to the next phase.

You’ve got the rhythm under your belt now, it’s time to focus on partner work, and some basic combination moves. This will give you your first taste of Cuban salsa. Level 2 is everyone’s favourite! You will get to improve your basics and technique this Level will get you ready to move to Level three.

Level 3: Intermediate

Shooting star!
Now you have some skills under your belt, we can really start to show you the art of Cuban salsa!

Now you are a Level three (INTERMEDIATE). This is the time to get your skills up to the Cuban standard. In this level you will learn routines that will set many important skills under you belt, you will learn throughout a very selective group of chosen combinations how to understand your dancing to the max, also you will be able to follow and lead with smoothness and fluency, you will time better, project better and you will get closer to the Cuban understanding of social dancing as a healthy passioned fun way of enjoy your best moments.

Level 4: Advanced

Super star!
You're nearly a pro! Level 4 will complete your training as a Cuban Salsero Jedi!

This is your biggest challenge… Level 4 or ADVANCED. In this level you will have to be more experienced as a dancer. You will have to have mastered your skills in previous levels and have a better understanding of Cuban Salsa so that you can comprehend the material.  This level won’t come as easy as the levels before! The teaching technique is more sophisticated.  You have to be patient and attend the lessons often. Also, you will learn in a different structure through our specially, carefully designed combinations. But don’t let this put you off! Participating in our level 4 class is going to be highly rewarding and a great achievement!

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