We can’t answer every question about salsa, or learning to dance, on this website.

Sometimes it takes going to a class, taking some lessons, becoming proficient, meeting new people, achieving something that seems out of reach, before you can start to answer the questions you have when you first think about trying salsa.

All of our class starting dates are on the timetable page.

Course Start Dates

Remember, we only allow up to the 3rd week of any course for enrolment.

Shoes should be proper dance shoes if possible.

If not dont worry, just bring a pair of smooth soled shoes or trainers, the type you can walk in for about an hour and not hurt your feet. Anything that stays with your entire foot when you lift it, and allows you to pivot comfortably on hard wood floors. We advise NO slippers, mules, or footwear that leaves your heel when you lift your foot.

Flats and heels are both OK.

Sneakers are also allowed, as long as they do not cause too much friction when you pivot.

For clothes – Anything that’s comfortable and allows easy movement of your arms and legs especially.

Office wear or exercise gear is fine too. Preferably no short, tight skirts which restrict movement, and no long flowing skirts, which tend to obscure the feet. Simply wear comfortable light clothes, like cottons and breathable fabrics. Usually advisable to bring a small towel or change of top.

Not at all. Many students come for the class alone, or with a group of friends. In any case, during the class, you will be partnered up with your classmates. Partners will be rotated during each class so that everyone gets a chance to have a partner.

If we have an imbalance, students without partners simply wait between pairs for the next rotation. We will be rotating partners frequently throughout the class.

There are 3 main styles: Cuban, Crossbody (LA/NY) and Columbian. We regularly teach Cuban style, as its the most popular style around the world, and the most authentic form of salsa. However in all our clubs, we have dancers from all styles. Most dancers nowadays know the minor differences, and it is great fun dancing with people from different styles.
It depends on which individual class, some have 10 students some have 40 plus. If you are a beginners you need to book onto a course before turning up as the classes do get over booked quickly.

Generally our venues have over a 100 dancers every night, throughout all our levels. Whatever the case, we always ensure we give student focus and keep the classes fun and entertaining, as well challenging and progressive.

Simply pay by cash or cheque (made payable to Havana Salsa) when you attend one of our classes.

You can also pay securely online by PayPal when using our online booking form or click BUY NOW from the main menu.

Absolutely not!

Salsa dancers come in all shapes and sizes. At the end of the day, what determines how quickly you can pick up Salsa is not your size, but how hard you practice, how many dancing hours you put in, etc.

There is absolutely no age barrier. We’ve had students from 16 years, up to 60+ years, while most of our students are in their 20s and 30s. As long as you have no problem in mobility, you can learn to dance Salsa. And if you aren’t able to participate in any activity, no worries. You can always sit those out or just take things at your own pace.

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