All Havana Salsa Classes, Workshops & Social Parties Across The UK

General Health & Hygiene Statement

We politely request – that if you have any flu symptoms, have been in contact with anyone who has, to stay at home and not attend classes/parties.

If you need to blow your nose please take yourself away from other people/ sneeze in your elbow, bin the tissue and wash or sanitise your hands before rejoining the class/touching other people.

We request you to wash your hands before and after class, comfort break etc, or use sanitiser, due to the nature of dancing.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.


Please remember salsa dancing is an active and social activity. As with other social situations there is an etiquette, to make sure everybody feels comfortable and has fun whilst dancing.

  • Please bring a towel and/or spare t-shirt if you know you perspire a lot, particularly at the Salsa parties
  • Please bring deodorant/body spray/cologne if you want to freshen up between dances.
  • Please carry hand sanitiser/tissues if you can.


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