Golden Hill Social Club

Wimbledon Road, Bristol, BS6 7YA

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All of our Salsa courses are 8 weeks.

All classes are 1 hour.

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Tuesday 9th January

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LEVEL 1 BEGINNER: 7:30 pm|Teacher: Lorna/Jack

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About Golden Hill Social Club

Complementing our very popular Monday night in Bristol, we are proud to introduce an additional venue to the Bristol family. Tuesday nights at the Golden Hill Social Club; this is an exceptional venue for salsa with amenities including a well-appointed bar, wooden dance floor, and convenient on-site parking, making it the optimal location for our Cuban Salsa classes in Bristol every Tuesday evening.

Join us at Golden Hill Social Club for an evening of Salsa led by Havana Salsa’s professional Salsa teachers.

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Wimbledon Road, Bristol, BS6 7YA