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Our weekly salsa classes are fun and full of energetic content
accompanied by great music and great people.

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Havana Salsa in Leicester  was established to introduce the wonderful, passionate dance that is Cuban Salsa Dance into many lives. Not only the dance, but the Cuban culture, food, music and the Spanish language. We eat, live, breath Cuban Salsa.

Cuban Salsa was derived from an earlier dance form called Son. The Cuban Salsa style developed into a very relaxed, passionate and expressive  dance style where your personality gets to shine as much as your cuban salsa dance steps. Fun, passion and enjoyment are a major part of our weekly Cuban Salsa classes and Cuban Salsa social events in Leicester, Nuneaton, Market Harborough, Coventry and soon in Birmingham. Havana Salsa is the home of Cuban Salsa in the Midlands!


    Saturday 20th of December Latin Fiesta Caliente with Havana Salsa @ Liquid-Envy Club

    Saturday 20th of December 2014
    8pm - 1:00am


    We are now an official distributor for Burju Shoes.
    Burju Shoes Beautifully styled and perfect for salsa. Call or see Laura if you would like to discuss further.

    Holidays in Cuba.. Home of Salsa!
    UK2CUBA Holidays HavanaSalsa has teamed up with UK2CUBA holidays to bring you an exciting way to visit this beautiful country, and enjoy the home of salsa dancing!

Our Classes

Our highly trained Cuban salsa dance instructors come highly recommended, with a lot of experience in the art of teaching Cuban salsa lessons and the knowledge of Cuban culture. We run Cuban salsa classes throughout the week in Leicester, Coventry, Nuneaton and Market Harborough.
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Our Salsa Venues

If you haven't been to our cuban salsa classes or cuban salsa parties in Leicester before and you are wondering how to get there, we've made things even easier for you. We have maps and directions for all of our current cuban salsa venues in Leicestershire, Nuneaton and Coventry on our Venues page.
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Join one of our Cuban salsa classes in Leicestershire, Nuneaton, or Coventry, you won't regret it! Just book yourself a place using our online booking and payment options and we'll send you a confirmation. All you need to do is turn up and learn to dance to the Cuban salsa vibes!
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